Discovering Bangkok

Discovering Bangkok

Explore Bangkok's vibrant street life, hotels, shopping malls, temples and delicious food, while learning about its history and culture. Bangkok is awaiting you to discover it!

Welcome to Bangkok, the City of Angels

Bangkok with a population of around 8.5 million is the most visited city in the world with 21 million people visiting it every year. It is known for its vibrant street life, lush shopping malls, the beautiful architectural design of its temples and the delicious foods it offers.
DISCOVER IT! "Welcome to Bangkok, the City of Angels"


Top Restaurants to eat in Bangkok
The most famous phrase in Bangkok is “have you eaten yet?”. This phrase is tossed as a greeting to everyone and is taken quite seriously by the locals. Having a meal together is an outstanding culture of Bangkok, which is enhanced many times due to their flavorful food.
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Top Luxury Hotels to stay in Bangkok
Bangkok is among the top cities when it comes to hotels. What makes it even more exceptional is the fact that you would easily find a luxury hotel at half the price of New York City or Shanghai. The riverside hotels especially appeal the tourists with their terraces, lobbies, and dining halls.
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Bangkok – The Street Food Capital of the World
A trip to Bangkok is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the Thai street food. You will find carts lined up on corner of every street, which makes it easy for the tourists to experience the flavors of the Street Food Capital of the World.
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ICONSIAM: A one-stop shopping and leisure venue

ICONSIAM is recognized as a top one-stop shopping and leisure venue in Bangkok, and it features two of the tallest buildings that you can find in Bangkok. The large shopping complex features mid-range brands to high-end brands to luxury brands to choose from in the large shopping center.

A luxury day in the world’s largest shopping street

The shopping mile in Pathum Wan District is considered the largest shopping street in the world. It is one of the most visited sites in Bangkok and probably in the world because millions of people come here every year for different purposes such as shopping, sight-seeing, eating, and many others.

Fun and engaging open-air activities at Lumphini Park

Bangkok’s Lumphini Park is an epitome of tranquility, peace, fresh air, and you can engage in several open-air activities for spending your time. The park hosts a number of outdoor activities and concerts that you should go to for exploring the nature-centric part of Bangkok.