Bo Lan: traditional Thai cooking heritage

Bo.Lan ( โบ.ลาน), a Michelin One Star awarded, has been recognized for many years as one of the most excellent Thai restaurants in Bangkok. It is located at Sukhumvit Soi 53 ( สุขุมวิทซอย 53), a few hundred meters from Thonglor BTS station ( สถานีทองหล่อ).

Bangkok Best Restaurants Bo Lan
Bo.lan restaurant. Shop detail alongside the entrance to the restaurant at Sukhumvit Soi 53. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Famed for launching the concept of fine dining Thai cuisine in the city, right here you can taste old dishes, valuing the heritage of the food, made from the outright ideal components however presented with the style of European haute cuisine. Actual care, as well as initiative, are put into the ingredients as well as taste, together with a zero-carbon objective, select from two degustation menus that demonstrate the cooks’ interest.

Bo.Lan’s authentic Thai cooking attracts influence from the country’s intense street food and home-cooking traditions along with its even more polished palace-style food. Only the tastiest natural, locally sourced products are utilized. The dinner is served from an option of established food selections only, and also a la carte offerings are offered for lunch together with a fixed price menu.

Thai-born cook Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava and also Australian-born cook Dylan “Lan” Jones met at David Thompson’s former London setting at Nahm. Currently, the husband-and-wife team manages one of the most valued dining establishments in Bangkok. Bo.Lan is named after the nicks of the couple.

The intimate and also appealing villa is charmingly run and the area has a modern feel with plenty of beautiful unattended timber while keeping a rich, typical Thai atmosphere, yet there has been a clear passion to maintain the rustic and inherently Thai ambiance that has actually ended up being a trademark of Bo.Lan. Return patrons will recognize the liberal use of Thai baskets and woodwork as design, as well as a well-manicured garden that goes to when inviting and classy.

There are 3 main sections to the dining room. As you get in the restaurant you will find a little farm shop offering flavorings, pastes, and also oils as a testimony to the philosophy at Bo.Lan of making use of organic, locally generated ingredients that not only taste excellent but additionally promote localized farmers.

There are three established menus available to choose from, with most guests selecting the Bo.Lan Balance Set, although there is a lowered option as well as a vegan set. It has to be said that to taste your way with the whole six-course set takes about 2 hrs or more so this is not the place for a quick bite, however food enthusiasts will enjoy the array and deepness of food served.

A powerful Thai cocktail is dispensed first and also sets the mood, balancing solid tastes with each other. This is followed by a plate of appetizers, splendidly presented as well as noticeably flavored. The 3rd course is adjustable depending upon the season and accessibility of active ingredients before the main dish is served. Conventional to Thai eating, the main dish includes 5 or 6 different dishes delivered together which are then shared. It is a custom to be served a curry, salad, something roasted, something fried as well as a soup. This is all eaten with rice to soften the strong flavors. Here is where the skill of the cook truly radiates, with each meal providing extremely special tastes as well as scents, an interaction of herbs professedly chose fresh from the garden.

To finish the meal, 2 desserts are served, initially a traditional ice-based dessert with coconut milk and also palm seeds called Nam Khaeng Sai ( น้ำแข็งใส่), which can be translated by “in ice”, before a larger black sticky rice cake with longan fruit. A diverse and artfully prepared plate of petit four or little candied mouthfuls marks the end of the banquet, made to be consumed with tea.

Bangkok Top Restaurants Bo Lan
Thai tradition dictates that dishes are served to be shared. Photo Courtesy of Bo.Lan from their Facebook page

With recipes inspired by traditional Thai cooking, this is not absolutely a Thai fusion restaurant. Due to the difficulty in sourcing as well as preparing components, some of the dishes supplied at Bo.Lan are rare, also for Thai people. There will surely be tastes and mixtures new to eaters here but just believe in the experienced professionals in the kitchen and leave your prejudices at home. It is important to remark that each individual of your group must agree to take either the long or the shot set course because Thai tradition dictates that dishes are served to be shared.

Bo.Lan is not your everyday eatery. When you desire to impress visitors who think they have sought it all before, this is the kind of place to welcome them. Dishes are intricate both on display as well as taste and also each bite is a pleasurable gustative experience with a mix of taste, appearance, as well as spice.

“Bo.Lan Balance” accentuates the significance of the appeal of Thai food. The interplay of the contrast of flavors and texture is naturally complimentary; consequently a holistic equilibrium. A la minute arrangement also highlights the third element of Thai cuisine that is often disregarded; the aromatic characteristics. The food selection will certainly likewise take you through the culinary culture of Thailand feeling common standards through the satisfaction of Thai food.