Fun and engaging open-air activities at Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park. Statue of King Vajiravudh (Rama VI)
Entrance to Lumphini Park with the memorial statue of King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) who created the park in the 1920s. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Traveling to Bangkok allows you to venture through several historical and cultural sites, and you may be inclined to visit the ever-so-popular food street in Bangkok. But, there is so much more to Bangkok than these tourism sites—for instance, there are several theme parks and family parks that you could visit for making your trip more memorable and enjoyable. When visiting Bangkok, you should absolutely pay a visit to Lumphini Park ( สวนลุมพินี).

Lumphini Park is located on Rama 4 Road ( ถนนพระราม 4) and the best way to get there is by MRT or BTS, so avoiding all the traffic jams in Bangkok. Silom MRT station ( สถานีสีลม), will bring inside the park if you take Exit 1, while if accessing by BTS you’ll need a short five-minute walk from Sala Daeng BTS station ( สถานีศาลาแดง) in the BTS Silom Line ( สายสีลม).

Lumphini Park
Shrine inside Lumphini Park. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Lumphini Park is named after Lumbini, Lord Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal, being the Nepalese translation of Lumbini as “The lovely”. The park features a 57-hectares area, which makes it one of the largest parks in Bangkok and was the first public park in Thailand, created in the 1920s by King Vajiravudh ( วชิราวุธ), also known as King Rama VI ( พระรามที่ 6).

Lumphini park
Lumphini Park. Open greenery at The Band Stand close to the pier of the lake and the place where watch the concerts. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The park is an epitome of tranquility, peace, fresh air, and you can engage in several open-air activities for spending your time. You can participate in jogging, aerobics, or engage in miscellaneous open-air activities. Lumphini Park is often referred to as Bangkok’s Central Park with everything that happens all the time.

Lumphini Lake

There is plenty of water in Lumphini Park but Lumphini Lake is the focal point for many tourists. The lake creates a peaceful backdrop for people to sit and relax away from the busy streets of Bangkok.

Lumphini park
The Lake with the fountains at Lumphini Park. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

If you want to go over the lake, you can hire a Swan Paddle Boat for 30 minutes to have a little fun on the water, while expending some time relaxing and exercising.

Lumphini Park. Pier
Pier at the Lake in Lumphini Park to rent swan paddle boats. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Flora and Fauna watching

Lumphini is home to amazing wildlife despite being in the city center of Bangkok. The Asian water monitoring lizard that can be discovered in the park is the most common sight.

Lumphini Park
A big Lizard about jumping into the lake. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The lizards tend to dip in and out of the reservoirs of Lumphini, and if you happen to discover one, they are a rare sight. The lizards can grow as long as five feet, so maintain your eyes and ears open!

Lumphini Park
Lizard climbing an old tree. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The park is a house to several exotic plants and flowers. The almost century-old trees that fill the park are one of the treasures to be preserved in a city like Bangkok that needs this green lung for exploring its nature-centric part.

Sport activities

If you are an athlete or, you simply want to work out in an exotic park for recreational purposes then, the Lumphini Park would make an excellent spot to visit. Bring your comfortable shoes and athletic wear, and select a spot in the part to get started with your sports activities. You can work out as an individual or, you can join the sport’s group in the park.

Lumphini Park
People running in the afternoon. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

You will come across outdoor and indoor gyms at the park, and you can work out in any of the gyms to maintain your physique. If you are entering the park via Rama 4 then, you will come across an outdoor gym after strolling around for a few minutes that is dedicated to weight lifting and other sports activities.

Outdoor concerts

If you have Lumphini Park on your must-visit list then, you should move the trip to Sunday afternoon (between 17:30 and 20:00) in the months of January to April, where the authorities arrange for an outdoor concert at The Band Stand Lumphini Park. Jazz musicians are invited to the scene to serenade the audience or, a traditional Thai band would play Thai style music for entertaining the visitors of the park. You will find locals dancing to the music, and you can always join them to dance to the tone.

Concert in the Park
Concert in the Park. Photo Courtesy of Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation

Sepak Takraw

If you are intrigued to learn about Thailand’s traditional sports then, you can participate in Sepak Takraw ( เซปักตะกร้อ) or kick volleyball at the park’s courtyard. The rules of the game are similar to a volleyball but, the player must pass the ball using its legs. The players are given an air-ball to play with, and it should be kicked and jumped higher for gaining a score. If you see a group of people participating in sepak takraw then, you should politely ask them to lend you the ball, so you could play with your group.

The ball used for Sepak Takraw at Lumphini Park
The ball used for Sepak Takraw (Kick-Volley in Asia). By Siren-Com [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Also, you can participate in swimming, tennis, strolling, jogging, and several other activities at the park for making your trip memorable.