Hard Rock Cafe: dining with live music in Bangkok

Bangkok Top Restaurants Hard Rock Cafe
Entrance to restaurant and shop at Siam Square Soi 11. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Hard Rock Cafes are one-stop for food and music lovers. From live music to the famous burger, this place disappoints none. Since its inception, Hard Rock Cafes are offering a rocking experience to people from all backgrounds. They are globally located across 185 locations in 74 countries with over 80 million visitors year by year.

Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of theme restaurants founded by two young Americans in 1971 who dreamt of bringing American food and rock music together. Hard Rock is also involved in a variety of social activities and causes. They strongly urge everyone to be kind and serve the planet.

Bangkok is already popular for its food and music culture. Adding Hard Rock Cafe to that experience acts as an icing on the cake. That’s right, the city has its own share of Hard Rock Cafe in the Siam Square area, specifically in Siam Square Soi 11 ( สยามสแควร์ซอย 11), close to Siam BTS station ( สถานีสยาม).

It’s Bangkok’s one of the most recommended restaurants since it opened on April 22, 1991. They proudly provide world-class service with their unique and bold local cuisines. Visitors soak in the live music while enjoying the notorious Thai cocktails. Rockstars and fans spice up the atmosphere in no time by dancing and singing along.


The building on the exterior has an interesting design. The curved steel structure with reflective dark panels grabs the pedestrian’s attention flawlessly. The cafe is big and spread over two floors with the latest comforts and technological features. The interior is muted and in harmonious contrast with the overall dark background space emphasizing the live stage and music even more.

Bangkok Top Restaurants Hard Rock Cafe
Event at Hard Rock Cafe. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Moreover, the high fidelity sound systems won’t let you get diverted very easily. The cafe walls pay tribute to famous artists from all over the globe. Signature guitars from famous bands adorn the walls. American vibe and energy spill out of every corner. The performance stage captures the majority of the space with a custom recycled aluminum backdrop.

Wine and dine

Missing the other side of the show? Well, here we are. The cafe offers an extensive list of beverages, starting from Pina Coladas, Margaritas to local draught beers. The list is overwhelming. Satiate the rest of your appetite with the cafe’s elaborate food menu.

Bangkok Top Restaurants Hard Rock Cafe
The world-famous Baby Back Ribs. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The Legendary mouth-watering Burger and fries, topped with spicy Thai curries can never get any better. And don’t miss either the world-famous Baby Back Ribs (covered with their house-made barbecue sauce and grilled to perfection). For sweet lovers, the chocolate brownie will make a perfect closing. And if that is not enough, the serving floor staffs are super friendly and fun. You can also book a private event to make the evening far more memorable.

Don’t miss it

Adjacent to the cafe is a rock shop that sells rocking souvenirs and ‘rock-n-roll’ inspired merchandise ranging from T-shirts, gift items to stuffed animals, just to name a few. The Hard Rock logo shines on a range of products.

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The cafe and rock shop open until midnight (1 am on weekends), making sure no tourist gets turned off early. Live music starts at 9 pm and continues till 11.45 pm. On top of that, the cafe runs a foam party in front of it every Saturday. Yeah! It’s getting better and better.

The cafe sits at a convenient location to target tourists easily and invoke the beast inside. So, why wait! Grab your corner, get cozy with your friends and family. Spend quality time and soak yourself in your favorite music, your trusted beverage, and bite.