ICONSIAM: a one-stop shopping and leisure venue

ICONSIAM at night. View from the eastern side of the river. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

ICONSIAM ( ไอคอนสยาม) is recognized as a top one-stop shopping and leisure venue in Bangkok, and it features two of the tallest buildings that you can find in Bangkok. If you are new to Bangkok or, if you are staying in the Thai capital city for leisure purposes then, you should visit ICONSIAM for satiating your shopping needs. The large shopping complex features mid-range brands to high-end brands to luxury brands to choose from in the large shopping center.

Inside the shuttle boat on its way to and from ICONSIAM. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The best way to get ICONSIAM is by BTS getting off at Saphan Taksin BTS station ( สถานีสะพานตากสิน) on the Silom Line. Take Exit 2 and then walk a few meters to reach the Central Pier or Sathorn Pier ( ท่าเรือสาทร) where you can take the IconSiam’s free shuttle boat. On busy days (mostly on weekends in the morning), it is likely that you have to queue for long. Don’t despair or if you are in a hurry choose another day for your visit. In the evenings is easiest to get without having to wait so much. The ride on the shuttle boat takes about 10 minutes, and then you’ll be there to enjoy all that ICONSIAM has to offer.

“Iconsiam is a destination — not a mall or a mixed-use development — and it is born of a joint creative effort that has united the hearts of Thai people from many different walks of life,”

Chadatip Chutrakul, Iconsiam’s director

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The mall

ICONSIAM is the largest shopping spot in Bangkok. Located at the bank of Chao Phraya River, this riverside complex has an area of 750,000 m2 with 525,000 m2 of retail floor space. This shopping destination attracts thousands of locals and tourists on a regular basis, and it has become an ultimate stop for luxury shopping and sight-seeing in Bangkok. The shopping mall is surrounded by temples and other significant ventures in the area, which makes it a must-visit stop. Siam Paragon founded the idea of the mall, and it has become an ultimate spot for people to shop, sightsee, eat, and visit.

Outside windows decoration. View from Riverside Park. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

What will you find in the ICONSIAM Shopping Mall?

If you are intrigued to visit the ICONSIAM Shopping Mall on your next visit to Bangkok then, you will find everything starting from a marvelous architect to one of the tallest buildings in Bangkok to luxury shops to multinational food chains, and everything in between.

Inside the mall. View from upper floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The megamall is a must-visit spot for fashion lovers, as the fashion stores occupy up to three floors in the mall. They extend from the Thara Hall to the CharoenNakorn Hall. You will find many luxury clothing brands to local brands on one of these floors. The windows of the mall are decorated using lotus flowers, which add a traditional appeal to the shopping center.

Adidas flagship store, the largest Adidas store in Southeast Asia. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

ICONSIAM features the largest Adidas flagship store in Southeast Asia (Adidas Original) as well as Nike Kicks Lounge in the southeastern Asia region on the floor 1F. Sharing the same level as Adidas and Nike, there some of the most luxurious motor brands such as Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Audi, and Porsche. On the 3F, you can find some other sports attire and shoe brands like Converse, Crocs, Reebok and The North Face, to name a few.

There are not only luxury brands on clothing, accessories, and jewelry. You can also find luxury cars like these Audi cars at Thara Hall. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

One of the most interesting facts about the mall is that it features the first official Apple store in Thailand (Floor 2F). So, if you are considering buying an iPhone or iPad then, you can simply visit the mall to buy your Apple devices.

Apple Store at ICONSIAM. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Embedded within this immense mall are special zones that set ICONSIAM apart from other shopping centers. Let’s see the most relevant:


In ICONSIAM, ICONLUXE is the core of luxury. If you are a high-fashion lover, you will find popular designer brands at this section located at Level-1, such as Cartier, Christian Dior, Gucci, Hermes, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen, Patek Philippe, Tiffany, and several other luxury brands.

ICONLUXE at the front entrance at ICONSIAM from Riverside Park. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Besides, as a remarkable fact is that the engineering work behind the facade of ICONLUXE has achieved the world’s longest folded glass facade.

Several luxury shops in one of the aisles of ICONLUXE. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Thailand has increasingly earned a reputation as a hub of luxury items in the region and the opening of ICONSIAM has particularly accelerated this assertion. ICONLUXE, a component of the world’s exclusive shopping destination, is the distinctive luxury destination in Southeast Asia and a brilliant symbol of Thailand’s prosperity on the Chao Phraya River.

ICONLUXE back garden view. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

However, what makes ICONLUXE more valuable than any other place around the world that holds the same labels under one roof is that the boutiques come for the first time customized completely as flagships with the spirit of “Thainess”, that is the mixture of customs and views where everything is interconnected.


SOOK Siam is a vast, 16,000 m2 themed area on the ground floor that is intended to promote the arts, culture, and food of the 77 provinces of Thailand and has a small floating market inside. Sook ( สุข) means happiness or enjoyment, so SOOK Siam can be translated by the enjoyment of Thailand. Also, sook ( สุก), having the same sound but different writing means cooked in Thai. Notwithstanding that SOOK Siam emphasizes the representation of Thai food, this meaning doesn’t seem to be the one originally thought by the creators of SOOK Siam, so maybe its usage is serendipity.

Entrance to the SOOK Siam area on the ground floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

SOOK Siam has been formulated as a place that exhibits the cultural heritage of every of Thailand’s four main geographic areas: Northern, Northeastern, Central, and Southern, while captivating the visitors with their arts, handicrafts, performing arts and local knowledge by watching and listening to live performances like never before.

Floating market at SOOK Siam. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Within SOOK Siam, there are over 3,000 distinctively famous local businesses from all over Thailand depicting the distinctive charms of every other local culture, all of which settled in an astonishing environment.

Stalls selling products of Thailand’s different regions. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

SOOK Siam has selected and revealed the best restaurants, vendors, and cooks of Thailand’s different regions. Take a nibble of the intense and spicy dishes of the south, munch on sticky rice ( ข้าวเหนียว) and Som Tum ( ส้มตำ) of the northeastern, taste the soups of the central plains, and finish with the fermented meats of the north. Food products available only in each of the 77 provinces have been brought in for food lovers to get and bring home.

Stall with local food at SOOK Siam. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Walk and eat while admiring local builders’ legacy architecture of each region envisioned to bring you the best of their expertise.

The Veranda

On the ground floor, The Veranda ( พาไล), an indoor terrace, hosts highlighted restaurants in a beautiful garden environment with a river view. It features a very high ceiling and the world’s largest column-less glass facade, yielding a zone so spacious and vivid.

The Veranda, a dining terrace, on the ground floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The Veranda depicts the first gathering of hot chefs from all over Asia in a single place. Located on the ground floor of the ICONLUXE building, The Veranda has 16 restaurants and 8 desserts and coffee shops from around the world, each offering great selections to fit every taste.

Among these celebrated establishments are Jumbo Seafood, Singapore’s first ranked seafood restaurant; Coffee Beans by Dao, an institution when it comes to cakes and with branches already present at any other malls like Central World and Siam Paragon; White Plate by Lobster and More, a restaurant that focuses on seafood and grilled dishes of Lobster with the addition of premium ingredients like pate and caviar; Nippon Kai Market, a Japanese restaurant well known because its many branches throughout the city like Siam Paragon or Emporium, recently has opened a new flagship store with the concept of a market; Ta-ling Pling, genuine Thai food with exquisite taste and high-quality ingredients; Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill, Spanish cuisine menu elaborated by a Spanish chef with a extensive experience; and Zheng Dou Imperial Kitchen a deluxe Chinese restaurant under the Imperial Kitchen concept, with some exclusive specialties not found elsewhere in Bangkok.

Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill, located at Zone Veranda, G floor of ICONSIAM. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The Veranda is fitted with a distinctive design and decor, creating an exceptional and amazing experience by using multi-level waterfalls, vertical gardens, and a lighting pattern that uses natural light to penetrate the area all day long. As a consequence, depending on when you visit, The Veranda evokes distinct emotions and experiences.

The Alangkarn

The Alangkarn ( อลังการ), that could be translated by “attractively decorated” and colloquially by “huge; enormous” is, acknowledging its name, a huge zone on the 6th floor featuring an indoor waterfall, which descends more than 15 meters from the roof, and a stylish environment shaped by rice field full with pavilions that house well-known restaurants. The offer is pretty abundant including seafood, Thai food, Japanese food, Indian food, Korean food as well a desserts and even many ice cream shops.

Detail of one of the pavilions at the Alangkarn. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Some of these established eateries are Sushi Den, Japanese restaurant; Le Lao, Thai restaurant that transports the ingredients straight from Hua Hin; The Bibimbab, Korean restaurant usually found in the famous department stores like Siam Paragon; Thip Samai, delivering one of the most famous Pad Thai in Bangkok; Farm Factory, a salad specialist prepared with organic vegetables restaurant from Phuket and also a regular in shopping centers like Emquartier or Central World; and the first outlet of Saro Lotus Tea, a tea made of refined parts of the royal lotus, that is produced in very limited yields of native reservoirs in Thailand.

Dining Highlights

Of course, you cannot call it a day unless you have a fest in any of the food courts of the megamall. Here, you will find a wide selection of Thai cuisine and international cuisine to choose from to satiate your appetite. ICONSIAM food paradise features top-rated international cuisines to Michelin-star restaurants, so if you are unable to make it to the food street, you can experience the same experience in the mall.

Iconsiam’s dining options across the different zones are impressive, too. Besides dining in the Garden At The Veranda, exploring Alangkarn on Sixth Floor and enjoying tastes from different corners of Thailand at SookSiam, there is a couple of highlights to complete your gastronomic route in ICONSIAM.

Tasana Nakhon Terrace with the stunning views of Chao Phraya River. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Enjoy an amazing panorama at Tasana Nakhon Terrace, on the sixth floor, which opens from 10 am to 1 am. This the perfect place to blend a good drink with a splendid view of the river. This place includes 2 popular establishments and semi-outdoor bar which are Fallabella River Front and HOBS.

D’ark on the ground floor at ICONLUXE. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

D’ARK At the very entrance of ICONLUXE and with astonishing views of the river offers an unequaled experience for any occasion with its gourmet relaxed meals that merges smoothly a pleasant dining and convenience food together. The extensive place extends over two floors.

For delighting a coffee, D’ARK offers 3 aromatic mixtures (D’ARK, Nero, Ali Reserve), made up of beans from Nicaragua, Cuba, and India, as well as a decaffeinated coming from Mexico. Add something sweet, like their Banana Pancakes and you made your day.


ICONSIAM not only stores different classes of pieces of artwork around the center, but it also offers room on the 4th and 5th floors to fit the new generation’s way of life as a hub for creative design.

ICONCRAFT’s articles of art are modern objects produced with a new sense in the context of creative crafts. They are considered important functional objects for common day-to-day activity. ICONCRAFT features items that represent each category related to pieces that are designed by contemporary designers well-known nation-wide.

ICONCRAFT located on the 4th and 5th floors of ICONSIAM. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

In addition to selling contemporary art and craft products, ICONCRAFT also offers a craft corner, an educational program that allows art lovers to follow workshops carried out by experts in different areas.

Each piece of work on display, rigorously picked by the ICONCRAFT team, has its own distinctive background about which visitors can learn by scanning the piece’s QR code.

Siam Takashimaya

After having been successful in Japan for more than 180 years now, Takashimaya, one of Japan’s most famous department stores, will open its first full-scale mall in Thailand. Along its 7 floors, there will be more than 500 internationally renowned brands, of which 170 are Japanese and almost half of them is the first time that they are available in Thailand.

Entrance to Siam Takashimaya department store at Charoen Nakhon Road. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Takashimaya accepted for the very first time to include a foreign country’s name in its own brand name. Thus, Siam Takashimaya will exhibit a different layout from the original store in Japan and will offer exclusive products to ICONSIAM visitors, which are not available in any other branch of this renowned mall.

Riverside Park

On the Chao Phraya River, the Riverside Park has a surface area of over 10,000 m2, right before the entrance of ICONSIAM with a wonderful riverside walkway and the biggest interactive-water installation in South East Asia. The area also has a public pier and therefore with these factors, it is an excellent option for huge events or celebrations.


Located in front of the glass pavilion of ICONLUXE, runs parallel to the river that is connected to ICONSIAM’s piers by shuttles operating to and from other important connections. The park contains grey tiles properly placed to imitate the river’s flows and curves, and cohesively “flows” with the water pools and green trees that illustrate the park.

The ICONIC Candle Festival at ICONSIAM celebrated between 12 and 17 July 2019. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Throughout the year, River Park can host many celebrations and festivals.

Residential buildings

Not only can you shop at ICONSIAM, but you can also live in it. ICONSIAM complex has 2 top-class residential condominium buildings: Magnolias Waterfront Residences and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.

Iconsiam Bangkok
ICONSIAM besides Magnolias Waterfront Residence and Mandarin Oriental Residence. View from the eastern side of the river. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The 70-floor Magnolia Waterfront Residences is made up of 379 condominiums and it sports a height of 315 meters, which makes it the tallest building in Bangkok as of 2019, followed by MahaNakhon (314 meters).

The other 52-floor tower houses the Residences at Mandarin Oriental, being the Mandarin Oriental’s first branded residential development in Southeast Asia. Its 272 meters in height hold 146 super luxury units and set a new Bangkok property market price record as its penthouses (with a surface between 380.93 and 707.28 sq.m.) were sold for THB 620,000 per square meter, the highest price ever recorded in the city.