Issaya Siamese: the essence of the member club epoch

Issaya Siamese: the essence of the member club epoch

The Issaya Siamese Club (อิษยาสยามคลับ), a signature Thai restaurant run by the celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai is located in a 1920’s historical mansion which also has a luxurious garden. This beautiful restaurant is located at Soi Sri Aksorn (ซอยศรีอักษร), near Rama IV Road (

ถนนพระรามที่ 4) in the Sathorn District (เขตสาทร).

In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 as well as 2018 Issaya Siamese Club was recognized to be included in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, sponsored by S. Pellegrino as well as Aqua Panna.

The yard at Issaya Siamese Club flourishes since of the rainy season, therefore the name Issaya (which is an old Thai word for the rainy period:

อิษยา) was picked to pay tribute to this beautiful component of nature. The restaurant is located on the ground floor that includes both a dining room and a large open-air terrace. The second floor accommodates a shop lounge bar that provides signature Thai mixed drinks.

The menu includes Chef Kittichai’s unique signature Thai cuisine with traditional active ingredients as well as flavors with progressive and international cooking methods. Some of Chef’s signature dishes, such as Massaman Curry Lamb Shank (มัสมั่นเนื้อแกะ) and Jasmine Flower Flan (

ขนมดอกมะลิ), as well as an ever-changing market menu that highlights seasonal specials, direct from the market, are the heart of the menu.

Issaya in addition includes the Chef’s Garden where guests can see aromatic Thai natural herbs expanded year-round. Chef Kittichai is a leader in farm-to-table dining in Thailand and incorporates his pureness and freshness beliefs into Issaya. Issaya likewise features a huge private dining and lounge area that can be booked for big parties.

The Siamese Club is influenced by an old-school members’ club, such as in the days when guys still utilized hats and individuals would dress for cocktails and dinner. The heritage and design of your house have been kept and made by designer Hans Bogetoft Christensen. He is well recognized for his competence in using dashes of fresh design and colors to bring the past back to life and into a modern-day style.

The Siamese Club wishes to lull guests with its essence of calm member-club days, timeless mixed drink society ambiance, and also modern-day trademark spins, all matched with Chef Kittichai’s signature food. All decoration, and also the materials are produced in Thailand, as well as obtained antiques from the region. The Siamese Club additionally features signature sounds as well as exceptional music.

The dining room is a daring mix of traditional and modern-day furnishings on terracotta tile floors with unusually colorful wallpapers. The whole room indulges in remarkably soft light and the outcome works surprising well. The menu, both in Thai and English, is not illustrated but skillfully composed, keeping the phonetic meal names rather of an elaborated but hard to imagine description.

The wine list is diverse and considerable outstanding wines are offered by the glass. The dishes are resolutely Thai, moderately spicy and always cleverly presented. To discover new tastes along with how authentic the food is, an excellent way to sample the menu is to order a mix of chef suggestions in addition to anything out of the regular, plus some truly local meals.INSTAGRAM FEED@issayasiameseclub

The chef recommendations are suggested with an icon and for the rest just pick the most uncommon names on the menu. The Yum Hua Plee (ยำหัวเพล), a banana flower salad is a wonderfully crunchy meal, boosted with sweet dipping sauce, and the Tom Yum Talay (

ต้มยำทะเล), a clear sour and spicy seafood soup, is carefully flavored and seriously delicious. The Double Boiled Beef Short Rib melts on the bone but is surprisingly crispy on the exterior. Meat portions are generously served and adequate for two people.

Another stand out dish is the Poo Nim Tod Kai Kem (ปูนิ่มทอดไข่เค็ม), soft shell crab with a salty egg sauce, which is a fantastic variation of the traditional crab meal. All the dishes are exceptional, however, whatever you order, do not miss the sweet foods!

Bright and subtle variations of traditional Thai desserts are presented with exceptional flavor. The most unexpected sense is when a small candle is lit inside the box carrying your Coconut Panacotta and Jasmine Flower Flan just to add soft candle fragrance most Thai people revive from their youth.

To end the supper on an ideal note, somebody brings another wooden box to your table and serves a few complimentary “little-nothings” a set of delicate cookies and some surprising candyfloss wrapped on a tree branch. Always, small touches make great impressions.

If you are looking for one of the finest dinners in Bangkok together with an outstanding and uncompromising Thai cuisine, you should not miss this surprise treasure and with lots of wood and velour couches, it does feel like a time dive taking you back a hundred years ago.