Samyan Mitrtown: an urban lifestyle mall with a 24 hours zone

Samyan Mitrtown: an urban lifestyle mall with a 24 hours zone

Samyan Mitrtown (สามย่านมิตรทาวน์) is a new mall opened on 20th September 2019 at the intersection of Rama IV Road (ถนนพระรามที่ 4) with Phayathai Road (ถนนพญาไท) on land leased from Chulalongkorn University (จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย). With some of the shops and services opened 24 hours a day, the mall it’s situated in the very heart of Bangkok and close to many important locations, including Chulalongkorn University itself, Siam Square, and Sam Yan community.
Samyan Mitrtown MRT Link. The underground passage from the station to the mall. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Samyan Mitrtown, with a total usable area of ​​222,000 square meters, targets the new generation of consumers living in the Sam Yan area, Silom, and Rama 4, as well as students and teachers from Chulalongkorn University. In addition, Samyan Mitrtown was developed with the consideration of the legend of Sam Yan, a commercial district with a profuse history, consolidated with the technology of the modern world. 

The mall can be reached easily from the Sam Yan MRT Station (สถานีสามย่าน). Take Exit 2, where is the so-called MRT Link an underground passage that guides from the station to the mall.

The concept

One of the factors that make a difference with other shopping centers around (including the ones in Siam area) is the use of the 24 hours magnet to attract people. Under this concept, they try to reach groups of students, workers, freelance startups, and foreign tourists, mostly those living or working in the Sam Yan area and neighborhood. The effect is a 24-hour living space.

The term “24 Hours Lifestyle” here means flexible living, since not everyone has the same style. Some people may start their work late. Some people start in the afternoon and pulled to the middle of the night, or some people work during the night until the morning of the next day.INSTAGRAM FEED@samyanmitrtown

Samyan Mitrtown is divided into two sections. The indoor section is, like many others, a shopping center that opens from 10 am to 10 pm, whereas the outside part homes several twenty-four hours outlets.

The mall is developed under the concept of Urban Life Library – Food and Learning Library (#UrbanLifeLibrary). The Samyan Mitrtown project was developed based on the idea of “Learning can happen”.
A new experience in learning on the 3rd floor: 3 showrooms about Cultures, Record of Stories and Legendary Stores. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

This “Library” concept expands in 3 areas: the Eating Library, a space that creates both science and art experiences in dining apart from normal eating by selecting diverse food according to needs; the Learning Library, an open area for learning that will satisfy creativity in all areas of life; and the Living Library, an essential area for urban living from fashion goods to lifestyle products.

Mitr Atrium

An exclusive zone that stays open 24 hours a day featuring a co-learning space, supermarket, restaurants, and the hip café zone. It’s truly a heaven for those staying up late at night as well as digital nomads.
Entrance to the Atrium with the original greeting for the new year. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The 24/7 zone of Samyan Mitrtown provides shoppers and visitors with numerous choices, from eateries to a co-working area to relax. Among the outlets that open twenty-four hours are: Amazon Cafe, KFC, Starbucks, Swensens, Boat Noodles, Ramen, Shabu Shi, So Asean, Taco Bell, The Coffee Club, as well as 7/11 and Big C Food Place, along with Bank services, Samyan Co-Op and Celebrity Fitness.
Entrance to the 24 hours zone facing the street market boulevard. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

It’s styled as a walking street for shopping and dining. It’s the right place to stay away from the commotion of the notorious Bangkok traffic and indulge in some shopping and dining with delicious cuisines on offer. One can relax in the area’s green space with the front plaza of the complex transformed into a market street for shopping, dining, and chilling out.
Mitrtown Craft Scene at the market street boulevard. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The outside market street houses, at different times, several events and thematics shopping experiences, that once concluded will be reallocated, in whole or part, inside the mall.

Mitr Co-learning

A learning center that welcomes everyone to find knowledge, share ideas, think up a business venture and develop new skills to suit the different tastes and lifestyles. It’s open around the clock because nowadays, learning is not limited to the classroom or ages.
Samyan CO-OP, the co-working area open 24 hours. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

This 24/7 co-working area is offered for everybody, particularly university students and workplace staff that need to think and work in mild conditions.

What you’ve got to try is to transfer the Mitr App and register as a member. Then, attend the counter and show your ID, and you’ll receive QR-code to scan and access the area.

Lifestyle Services

Located on floors 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you can find the complete source of lifestyle services.
Sports World store on the 1st floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

This is the place to find beauty services, sportswear, home decor, medical services, and technology products service, complemented with comprehensive space learning if you want to improve your knowledge and skills in various fields you have the solution here.
Celebrity Fitness at Samyan Mitrtown. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

There is a fitness center open in the 24-hour zone as well.
Muji store on the ground floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Also, on the ground floor is located Muji, which has the most important Muji store in Thailand and its largest outlet in Asia and the first including the low Club.

Mitr Dining

The dining area that is replete with the renowned and legendary restaurants of the Samyan neighborhood. This area is expanded through 4 different floors from the basement to the ground floor to the 1st floor to the 4th floor.
Samyan Mitrtown. Food Court in the basement. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The basement is the place for restaurants, hip cafes, and supermarkets, like Big C Food place, Amazon Cafe, the celebrated Thai tea brand ChaTraMue, Bonchon Chicken, and Pranakorn Noodle, among others. A paradise for people who love to eat and sleep late because this floor has a 24-hour zone. it’s complemented with the most reliable center of kitchenware, offering an extensive range of cookware to satisfy the needs of those who love cooking.
The Coffee Club at the market street boulevard. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The ground floor, as well as the first floor, is the center of restaurants, desserts, and cafes, that will make everyone come to enjoy the delicious food throughout the day and night because this floor has 24 hours of service to please those who sleep late. You’ll find here unmissable Starbucks and The Coffee Club.
Samyan Mitrtown. Food Court on the 4th floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

The food court on the 4th floor houses the best source of famous restaurants like MK Restaurants, AKA, BAR-B-Q Plaza, Shushi Hiro, and Spicy House amongst other brands. And debuting in the capital of Thailand is Byeokje.
Samyan Food Legends by MBK on the 4th floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Aside from having a famous brand restaurant together, there are also popular restaurants from Samyan, Saphan Luang, and China Town, besides the renowned Samyan Food legends by MBK.

Multipurpose hall

Located on the 5th floor, there is an offer for alternative event management services with modern facilities for different types of events and functions from concerts to meetings and conferences.
House Cinema Hall on the 5th floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Besides, you can find House Samyan, an alternative cinema screening independent film targeting movie buffs who are tired of mainstream flicks and looking for something different.
The garden on the 5th floor. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

If the weather is sweet, also on this floor you’ll be able to realize a garden wherever you’ll be able to get pleasure from nice scenery encompassing Samyan Mitrtown.

The neighborhood

Just to manage expectations, as Samyan Mitrtown is found just beside Chulalongkorn University, this mall feels remarkably catered to them as there are several co-learning areas and most of the outlets are already nearly totally occupied by students. Chulalongkorn University campus. View from the upper floor of Samyan Mitrtown. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Chulalongkorn University, a public university and the oldest institute of higher education in Thailand, was founded in 1917 by King Vajiravudh, who reigned as King Rama VI. In 2019 the university, which offers 455 programs in almost all areas of study, has 7,861 faculty members and over 37,280 students. Located in the heart of Bangkok, Chulalongkorn University covers 1,862,560 square meters of surface.
Chanchuri Square building complex sidewalk with Samyan Mitrtown in the background. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Chamchuri Square, located at Rama IV Road on the opposite side of Phayathai Road, is a high-rise building group that consists of a commercial workplace tower, a residential tower, and a platform housing a shopping mall which connects the two. Owned by Chulalongkorn University, its construction was finished in 2008 and it’s comprising of forty stories.
Entrance to Mitrtown Office Tower from Atrium. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Aside from the 36,000 sqm that occupies the retail zone with its 6 floors, there are two more zones in the Mitrtown project: the Office Building Zone, an Intelligence office tower, comprising 48,000 sqm spread over 32 floors and Residential zones for both hotels and condominiums residential units in 33 floors over more than 138,000 sqm.
Wat Hua Lampong across Rama IV. View from the upper floor of Samyan Mitrtown. Photo by Discovering Bangkok

Across Rama IV Road is located Wat Hua Lampong, also known as the coffin temple, a third-class royal temple from the Rattanakosin Kingdom. Aside is the Ruamkatanyu Foundation an organization working with the temple to provide burial services for poor and homeless people.

In the near future, there will be two major mixed-use projects located in the Rama 4 zone: One Bangkok and Dusit Central Park.