COMO Metropolitan: an innovative concept “East-meets-West”

With its innovative concept East-meets-West, trendy dining experiences, and service beyond your expectations, COMO Metropolitan Bangkok delivers a new perspective to Bangkok. Located in Sathorn Road, it’s a stone’s throw from the nightlife, shopping, and restaurants of the neighborhood.

The Sukhothai: a panegyric to the golden age of Architecture and Art

The Sukhothai Bangkok, named after the first capital of Siam, provides an authentic escape with its spacious courtyards, open-air arcades, tropical gardens, Oriental and symmetrical houses surrounded by rich vegetation, and influenced by the period considered the Golden Age of Architecture and Art.

Top luxury hotels to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is among the top cities when it comes to hotels. What makes it even more exceptional is the fact that you would easily find a luxury hotel at half the price of New York City or Shanghai. The riverside hotels especially appeal the tourists with their terraces, lobbies, and dining halls.