Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill: Spanish food with an Asian touch

Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill: Spanish food with an Asian touch

Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill, situated at Zone Veranda, G floor of ICONSIAM is one of the finest Spanish restaurants in Bangkok. Of all international cuisines, Thai diners are most familiar with Japanese, Chinese, Italian, or French. Further down the list is Spanish cuisine. It seems that Spanish food is not a top choice for most Thai gourmets, despite the many convergences between Thai and Spanish cuisine. For those who love Spanish food, not many options are readily available and this is one of the most recommendable.

Her excellent enthusiasm for food and her background studying at Escoffier, the Ritz Paris, motivates Wimadee “Nan” Piyawanich to open Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill. And also now she’s ready to invite all of you to her Spanish dining establishment.

Nan tells that the difference between Spanish food and also various other European food, mainly, is that Spanish dishes aren’t as oligenous as various other Western dishes. The components are primarily seafood like shellfish, crab, fish, mussels, etc. The way food is offered also reflects some aspects of the Spanish gastronomic mores: each serving is small and comes in a tiny plate, so eaters can share several meals as well as tastes on the table. This way of sharing different dishes among the people seated around a table is also a common coincidence with Thai tradition that prescribes that meals are served to be shared.

The menu at Tapas has been crafted by a Spanish chef that has considerable experience in the finest kitchen area. On a daily basis, he manages the cooking area at Tapas, so you’ll perceive genuine Spanish taste any time you get here. The chef suggests some of the signature recipes that make certain to excite your taste buds.

Arroz Mar y Montaña (Arroz Mar y Montaña), a classic seafood and chicken paella. Paella (Paella) or Spanish fried rice is traditionally offered in a warm frying pan. This is a national recipe of Spain, and at Tapas they use Arroz Bomba Olmeda Origenes, which is a rice variation from Spain for making Paella; each grain is thicker and shorter than Thai Jasmine rice, which is cooked with prawn supply complemented with garlic mayonnaise sauce. The chef recommends that you put this sauce on the rice and squeeze some lemon slices over it to experience the full flavor. At Tapas, there’s additionally a selection of paellas, such as Tom-Yum Paella, extreme and rich, Vegetarian Paella, with seasonal veggies, as well as Paella in Noodle Design, which uses noodles rather of rice.

Caldereta de Pescado (Caldereta de Pescado), a Fish Stew. Still racing in the riches of the sea, this fish and shellfish stew utilize prawn stock, as well as though the name is “fish stew”, it comes with mussels and also prawns besides great pieces of seabass. All components are super-fresh, as well as the cook takes note of small details such as sorrel leaves, which are added more than just a design yet gives distinctive gustation that complements the fish and shellfish.

Pulpo a la Brasa (Pulpo a la Brasa), a Charcoal-Grilled Octopus from Spain. The Spanish squid’s tentacles are soft and Charcoal is placed on the Confit Potato before serving and added smoked Paprika from Spain.

Cerdo ibérico a la Brasa (Pulpo a la Brasa), Charcoal-Grilled Iberian Pork Presa. Black pork from Spain at the grill in the Charcoal Oven served with Garlic Paste that is also smoked in the stove. Prior to being made are also sprinkled on the top with Espelette Pepper or French chili.

Chuletas de Cerdo a la Barbacoa (Chuletas de Cerdo a la Barbacoa). Besides Spanish food, Tapas also has various other tasty recipes on the menu. The BBQ Pork Chop, charcoal-grilled to the tenderest, is covered with just the right amount of BBQ sauce. Enjoy it with balsamic salad or with a touch of mustard, and this simple dish returns maximum satisfaction.

Gambas al Pil Pil (Gambas al Pil Pil), which uses a tiny, sweet, securely fried shrimp, stir-fried with garlic as well as chili with olive oil. Yummy, up until needing to take the homemade bread of the shop to clean the olive oil until almost the sauce is finished.

Ensalada de Espinacas (Ensalada de Espinacas), Spanish-style Spinach Salad which is perfect to match various other main dishes. The spinach at Tapas is neither as well young neither too old as well as features tomatoes, green apples, and also cheese. The dressing is olive and also balsamic, which makes a light, clean and healthy companion.

Eat well and pair with a terrific selection of Spanish glass of wines, whether red, that matches much better with strong plates like those based on pork recipes or whine wine, more appropriate for seafood preparations.

End with a dessert food selection like Tarta al Whisky (Tarta al Whisky). This Whiskey Tart is a treat from Spain. Below is a Sponge Cake. Between is a vanilla cream that utilizes real vanilla pods. The top is custard top with roasted almond prior to serving. The result is covered in scotch whiskey that gives this cake its name.

With love, devotion and also dedication, every menu created by the owner and the chef make Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill a restaurant that provides refinement and top quality. Even those who’re not familiar with Spanish food will fall in love with the flavors right here. Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill at ICONSIAM makes certain to impress intelligent diners, who will definitely return after the very first visit.