Top luxury hotels to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is among the top cities when it comes to hotels. What makes it even more exceptional is the fact that you would easily find a luxury hotel at half the price of New York City, Shanghai or Tokyo.

Also, the trending boutique hotels have added a new spice to the scene. Therefore, we have brought you a rundown of the Bangkok top luxury hotels to help you choose.

These luxury hotels are located in 4 main areas: Riverside Hotels, Silom and Sathorn Hotels, and Pathumwan Hotels

Riverside Hotels

Bangkok Riverside Luxury Hotels. Cruise by Chao Phraya River Bangkok
Bangkok Riverside Luxury Hotels. Cruise by Chao Phraya River Bangkok

There are many luxury hotels in Bangkok but the riverside hotels especially have the hearts of the tourists with their terraces, lobbies, and dining halls. The impressive views from their rooms or terraces of the River of Kings, Chao Phraya River ( แม่น้ำเจ้าพระยา) as well as the many dinner cruise tours that most of them offer their guests signify an added value that makes these hotels a favored option when choosing where to stay.

On the banks of Chao Phraya River, most of the hotels are concentrated in the area that covers from Krung Thon Bridge ( สะพานกรุงธน) in the Dusit District ( เขตดุสิต), in the east side, above Rattanakosin ( รัตนโกสินทร์), the historic center of Bangkok (old Bangkok), to Krungthep Bridge ( สะพานกรุงเทพ) in Bang Kho Laem District ( เขตบางคอแหลม), on the east side, and Thon Buri ( เขตธนบุรี), on the west side.

Silom and Sathorn Hotels

The Dome at State Tower Bangkok
Bangkok Silom and Sathorn Luxury Hotels. The Dome at State Tower Bangkok

Si Lom or Silom ( สีลม), that means “windmill” is located in the Bang Rak District ( เขตบางรัก). It was constructed in 1851 as part of a dike and irrigation system, Silom Road ( ถนนสีลม) has become one of Bangkok’s most cosmopolitan streets and a major financial center. Silom Road is the home to some of the largest companies in Thailand, including the Charoen Phokphand Group ( เจริญโภคภัณฑ์), Thailand’s largest private company; Bangkok Bank ( ธนาคารกรุงเทพ), the largest bank in Thailand in terms of assets; and a number of insurance and securities firms. Si Lom is sometimes referred to as Thailand’s Wall Street.

Sathon Road ( ถนนสาทร) is a major road that passes through the districts of Bang Rak ( เขตบางรัก) and Sathon ( เขตสาทร). The southern lane of the road belongs to Sathon and the northern lane belongs to Bang Rak. Sathon Road is covered with skyscrapers and corporate offices, particularly in connection with banking and finance. Thai and International banks such as SMBC (a Japanese multinational banking and financial services company) and Citicorp (an American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation headquartered in New York City) have their headquarters located along Sathon Road. Numerous 40+ story luxury condominiums line the street. Onward the Southside of the road, you can find numerous embassies; as well as the famous Robot Building; Saint Louis Hospital, together with the Church and the School; the Holy See Apostolic Nunciature; and also the Royal Thai Cuisine Blue Elephant‘s internationally renowned restaurant and cooking school.

Pathumwan Hotels

Anantara Siam Bangkok
Top Luxury Pathumwan Hotels in Bangkok. Anantara Siam Bangkok

The Pathumwan District ( เขตปทุมวัน) host many of these luxury hotels in 2 different areas: Siam ( สยาม) and Ratchaprasong ( ราชประสงค์).

Siam is the area home to several shopping complexes on either side of Rama I Road ( ถนนพระรามที่ 1). Ratchaprasong, adjacent to Siam area, it’s located around the Chit Lom BTS station ( สถานีชิดลม) and the junction of Phloen Chit ( ถนนเพลินจิต), Rama I, and Ratchadamri ( ถนนราชดำริ) Roads.

Besides Rama I Road, Ratchadamri Road, and Phloen Chit Road, some of these luxury hotels are situated also in Witthayu Road ( ถนนวิทยุ), commonly known in English as Wireless Road. It has been called Bangkok’s 5th Avenue because of its luxurious environment, packed with the best restaurants and hotels. Witthayu Road connects Phloen Chit Road to Rama IV Road ( ถนนพระรามที่ 4).